The Lechner Museum

The collection and program of the Lechner Museum stand for an in-depth exploration and intensive discussion of central issues in art today.

Located in an impressive former factory building, the Lechner Museum delights visitors with an ambitious exhibition program that offers both the wide range of Lechner's oeuvre and an intensive examination of contemporary artists and their work. The changing collection presentations, special exhibitions and comprehensive catalogs aim to set new standards.


The museum was created by architects Erhard and Florian Fischer in collaboration with civil engineer Walter Muck by converting a former factory building. Located near Ingolstadt's old town, the 1950s shed-roofed hall was originally used for Audi's automobile production.

Inside, the building was stripped back to its supporting structure and the cubic structure was clad with mill-finished aluminum composite panels. A glass porch was added to the north of the hall, which now serves as a foyer. In 2001, the architects received the German Facade Award for ventilated facades (VHF) for the conversion of "Hall IV" into the Lechner Museum.

Since its opening in 2000, the Lechner Museum has been showing exhibitions on around 1800 m².

Exhibition catalogs of the Lechner Museum

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