teil's teil's

Marco Stanke / Alf Lechner

15 Oct 2023 - 16 Jun 2024

More than 60 years separate the artistic positions on display, yet Stanke and Lechner are united by their fascination with process and material. Whereas Stanke explores the basic conditions of painting, Lechner places the traces of the industrial production of his sculptures as an integral part of his work. work. Nevertheless, both positions differ clearly from each other in their medial nature. from each other, whereby the individual "parts" fragmentarily enter into an exciting correspondence with each other. correspondence with each other.

In the paintings of artist Marco Stanke (*1987), the canvas proves to be not only the support of the picture, but also a spatial structure made of nettle, stretcher and paint. Stanke's works oscillate between "pictorial field" and "pictorial world", testing the physical limits of the picture and playfully suspending the difference between the "pictorially visible" and the "in which" it is visible. By folding, cutting, bending and piercing the canvases, Stanke transcends the traditional boundaries of painting and expands the pictorial world into space. Part picture, part object, each new canvas reveals a new attempt at entanglement, which becomes accessible to the artist as "part of a collective" in the context of the work.

In this respect, there is a connection to Alf Lechner (*1925 - 2017), whose sculptures must also be seen as fragments of a continuous working process. Lechner used the material practice of division as an artistic instrument to explore spatial relationships between the pieces and the viewer, while at the same time revealing the process of production as a material-related process.

Both artistic positions are united by a fascination for the process and the material. While Stanke explores the basic conditions of painting, Lechner reveals the traces of the industrial production of his sculptures as an integral part of his work. Nevertheless, both positions differ significantly from one another in terms of their media composition, whereby the individual "parts" enter into an exciting
correspondence with one another in fragments.

teil's teil's is the first exhibition by the new curator Dominik Bais, who took over the curatorial management of the museum in July 2023, taking over from the previous curator Daniel McLaughlin. The exhibition is also the largest museum show of works by the young painter Marco Stanke.

Short biographies of the artists

Marco Stanke was born in Bad Aibling in 1987. He began his studies in painting in 2012 at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg with Prof. Thomas Hartmann. From 2015 he studied in parallel with Prof. Pia Fries at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. In the same year he was appointed master student by Prof. Hartmann. He completed his studies in 2018 at the AdBK Nuremberg and in 2019 at the AdBK Munich, where he has been living and working artistically ever since. Marco Stanke received the 1st prize of the Art Award of the Nürnberger Nachrichten in 2015 and was nominated for the Federal Award for Art Students in 2017. In 2019 he was awarded the Debutant*innenförderung of the Free State of Bavaria. In addition, in 2021 he received the Art Promotion Award of the Kunstclub 13 in Munich.

Alf Lechner (1925-2017), born in Munich, is considered one of the most important German steel sculptors. In the good sixty years of his sculptural work, more than 800 sculptures and over 4500 drawings were created. His work is constantly concerned with the relationship between technology and art, material and production, process and matter, calculation and chance. Lechner founded the Alf Lechner Foundation in 1999 and opened the Lechner Museum Ingolstadt in 2000. From 2001 until his death in 2017, Lechner lived and worked with his wife Camilla in Obereichtstätt.

Exhibition views from: Studio Hetzer

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Exhibition info

Marco Stanke / Alf Lechner

15 Oct 2023 - 16 Jun 2024

Curated by
Dominik Bais